bacon, egg and cheese a savory classic in a cupcake! (cheddar)
chocolate a must have, heavenly cupcake, available with chocolate or vanilla bean butter cream frosting
crimson and cream red velvet cupcake, the classic oklahoma way!
sara’s cinnamon roll swirled with sweetened cinnamon and topped with traditional icing
two great tastes chocolate cake with whipped peanut butter frosting, toasted peanuts
$3.25 /$36 doz.
cappuccino sweet coffee cupcake with sweet cream frosting
coconut cream a decadent, sweet cupcake, filled and topped with toasted coconut
pineapple upside-down pound cake, frosted, topped with cream frosting
the destin key lime cake, butter cream with lime zest frosting and pie crust crumble
vanilla bean vanilla cupcake, available with chocolate or vanilla butter cream frosting
Flavor of the day
cowboy carrot a traditional state favorite! toasted walnuts with cream cheese frosting
Fri. Sat. Sun
count rockula chocolate cake with chocolate cream frosting, cocoa puffs and marshmallows
Tues. Wed. Th
strawberry shortcake vanilla bean cupcake, shortcake topping cream
Tues. Wed. Th
$3.25 /$36 doz.
cherries jubilee white cake, butter cream frosting, topped with brandied cherries
Fri. Sat. Sun
judge joe cannon banana cupcake with butter cream frosting and shaved snickers bar
Fri. Sat. Sun
triple white chocolate white chocolate cupcake with white chocolate frosting and shavings Fri. Sat. Sun
milk bar $3
the best milk moustache in town!
  • white
  • chocolate
  • strawberry
  • seasonal
  • coffee $2.75
  • espresso $3
  • hot tea green and black $2.75
  • iced tea $2.50
  • soft drinks $2
  • hot chocolate valhrona, french (seasonal) $5
country pumpkin pumpkin cupcake with cream cheese frosting
$3.25 /$36 doz.
holiday pecan pie brown sugar cupcake with candied pecan topping